The education system needs administrative reforms – Minister

Education Minister Dr. Susil Premajayantha said schoolchildren are badly affected by the delay in holding regular exams on time. The minister was speaking at the ceremony honoring the head teacher “Guru Pratibha Prabha 2022” at the Ministry of Education.

The minister said every review now takes place six, seven or eight months late.

He pointed out that other problems will arise when trying to match the exam schedule with the school calendar. Minister Premajayantha accused some politicians of trying to gain maximum political ground by creating unnecessary problems regarding the education system and the holding of exams.

“If there is a subject or a topic that can be advantageous or bring personal benefits, some politicians will grab these opportunities with both hands to take advantage of it without trying to analyze the problem as a whole,” he said. note. He added that the country’s education system will have to enter an era of transformation and the necessary administrative changes will be introduced by January 1.

At the ceremony, 10 teachers and 5 principals from each province received 135 evaluations representing the nine provinces during the Guru Pratibha Prabha festival.

“We cannot go back to the old education system, which has been working for 74 years. Today I went to UNESCO. The main topic was the transformation of education. We had begun to implement this transformation as a reform. the hope is to introduce the administrative reforms by January 1. The proposed educational transformation must be able to keep pace with changes in the modern world,” the Minister added. He further said that the exams had been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, the results of a survey conducted among 3rd grade students revealed the need to improve the literary level of students. “I informed relevant officials to formulate literacy development programs based on it,” he said.

The minister pointed out that classrooms, especially in popular schools, are full of students, while there should be no more than 40 students in each class.

“Can teachers teach a class full of 60 or more students when that class should only accommodate 40 students. Sometimes the teacher has to stand outside the class while the children are inside So is this a successful education system? I will implement the necessary reform to get the system back on track,” Minister Dr Premajayantha added. A program is being prepared to introduce the use of the English language in 1st and 2nd year from next year.

For this, training sessions should be organized for primary school teachers. Plans are also underway to implement a special program to increase literacy in grades 1, 2 and 3, as shown by the recent survey conducted.

“Microsoft has proposed to introduce Artificial Intelligence in 10th grade. We have to follow the evolution of knowledge of the world. There are schools that do not even have Smart Classrooms or televisions. Sixteen educational channels are ready to broadcast for free, so if at least one TV set can be provided to schools, children can watch the lesson series even if there is no teacher,” he added.