The government plans to reorganize the higher education system; Examinations will be credit-based, Higher Education. Right to Service Act

Thiruvananthapuram: Proposals to make fundamental changes to the state higher education system have received approval in principle. The meeting chaired by the Chief Minister approved the draft proposals submitted by the commissions responsible for studying the changes. There will be changes in the structure of examinations and the operation of universities.

The process will be completed in stages during the government period. The Examinations Reform Commission will submit its final report later this month and the Higher Education Reform Commission early next month.

Credit-Based Exams

A unified system will be introduced to consolidate exams, administration, student portal, etc. under the same roof. The mark rate for internal assessment and examinations will be increased.

All exams will be credit based. Currently, only exams, assignments, and seminars are considered for grading. It will change and there will be internal evaluation depending on the nature of each item.

A cool down time will be allowed for the exam. Moderation methods and grace marks will change. The reassessment process will be done online. Providing additional points will be rejected.

The Right to Service Act will be implemented

The implementation of the law on the right to service in higher education institutions is also envisaged. Measures will be taken to simplify administration. Senate meetings are now required to issue certificates after exams. This power will be transferred to the Union.