“The GUPT and Ministry of Education agreement does not represent us, we will continue our strike” – Middle East Monitor

In a statement released on Friday, the United Teachers Movement 2022 in the West Bank rejected: “The agreement signed by the General Union of Palestinian Teachers (GUPT) with the Ministry of Education on Thursday, as it does not meet the requirements teacher minimums.

A source knowledgeable about the movement, who asked to remain anonymous, said Quds Press“This refusal reveals the complicity of the teachers’ union with the government, in particular the Ministry of Education, and its respect for its threats at the expense of the fundamental rights of teachers. It also reveals that the union’s recent strike, which has started about a month ago and ended last week, was just a game.”

The same source pointed out: “The union did nothing against the Ministry of Education when the teachers went on strike with the movement. The percentage of those who join the movement has increased considerably.”

The source said Quds Press“The percentage of teachers’ commitment to the movement’s strike in some governorates of the occupied West Bank reached 81%, and averaged around 44%, which frightened the union and delegitimized it, pushing it to sign a new agreement with the ministry yesterday.”

According to a statement from the teachers’ movement, the agreement ignored many important issues, such as: “Rising cost of living since 2013, spouse and child allowances, rights and obligation to pay wages on time”.

The statement noted, “Teachers are not beggars, nor do they ask for gifts or favors. They have rights and they will not accept to pay the price for the financial difficulties and the lack of capacities that the government claims. This result sparked the movement. to announce the continuation of activities for next week, with a partial strike, teachers and students leaving after the third period.”

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“But the government, which was led by Rami Hamdallah at the time, used the security services to suppress the strike and tried to politicize it, and when it failed, PA President Mahmoud Abbas, intervened personally and gave a weak speech and did the minimum obligations for the teachers,” according to the source.

He pointed out that the demand of the unified movement, and of the teachers who support it, is to leave the union and hold fair elections that produce real leadership among teachers.

“We will not tolerate any sanction imposed on a teacher during or after the strike, whether in the form of salary deduction, transfer, retirement, dismissal or any other sanction Any harm done to one teacher is harm to all teachers.”

On April 14, the GUPT suspended its demonstration after signing an agreement with the government, in which it pledged to respond to teachers’ demands, calling for a return to work.

The teachers made several demands, such as paying the balance of the cost of living allowance since 2013 and resolving all outstanding issues.