The Ministry of Education is committed to restoring glory to the teaching profession

THE role of an educator goes beyond teaching a child to read, write, count and reason.

Teachers nurture and guide students to become motivated, determined, ethical, kind and empathetic people.

They motivate their proteges to do their best in the face of adversity.

Indeed, the prosperity of a nation and the ability of its future leaders are rooted in our schools and our teachers.

Celebrated on May 16, Teachers’ Day events have recently been held across the country to recognize the key role educators play in the country’s development.

Teachers were honored for their passion and dedication to ensuring our children don’t fall behind in their lessons amid school closures during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This year’s Teachers’ Day theme “Guru Tunjang Sekolah SEJAHTERA” rightly honors our educators and their sacrifices.

The theme is based on the concept “Sekolahku SEJAHTERA”, which sees the adoption of 14 elements related to the formation of good values ​​and the development of personality in students.

It is important, stressed the Ministry of Education, that teachers cultivate ethics and spirituality in the classrooms in order to produce a generation that contributes to the prosperity of the family, society, country and community. the global community.

To boost the morale and abilities of our teachers, the ministry is committed to raising the status of the profession so that it continues to be relevant and meaningful in our rapidly changing world.

Assuring that it would continue to support teachers, give them due recognition and give them merit-based rewards, the ministry said in a press release on Teachers’ Day, that he would strive to ensure that the welfare of teachers was a priority.

During the celebration of the 51st National Teachers’ Day 2022, Chief Education Minister Datuk Dr. Radzi Jidin said the ministry will focus on the development and welfare of teachers.

He had recently announced a series of initiatives, including optimizing the information filing system and databases in schools, so that teachers could concentrate on their primary teaching responsibility instead of being overwhelmed by paperwork.

“We will ensure that the inefficiencies in the school system are corrected so that teachers can optimize their time and devote it to the education of their students,” he said.