The Ministry of Education is ready to celebrate national pride

Dominica: The Ministry of Education is ready to celebrate National Pride and Heritage Month in all schools

The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training and National Excellence of the Commonwealth of Dominica is ready to celebrate National Pride and Heritage Month in all schools.

The Department of Education launched its annual Pride and Heritage Month on October 4, 2022. The month features weekly activities focused on Dominica’s heritage.

National Pride and Heritage Month is part of the celebration of the 44th anniversary of Dominica’s independence under the theme “One Dominica, One People, One Vision”.

The week of activities takes place as follows:

First week: October 3 to 7: Theme: Celebrating our heroes / Celebrating our heritage

During this week, schools will “go local with meals from the Dominican food basket” and organize several activities to “celebrate the country’s heroes” and “celebrate the country’s heritage”.

Week 2: October 10-14: Emblem Week

Emblems week will include activities on the theme of “Pride of Dominica”, including the national flag, anthem, flower and bird, mace and coat of arms, as well as the national dish and national clothing .

Week Three: October 17-21: Theme: Go Local – Dominican Food Basket Meal

October 21, 2022 – Cassava Day and National Tree Planting and School Beautification Day

Fourth week: October 24 to 28: Our heritage Our culture / Dominican musical heritage

During Heritage Week, schools should incorporate facets of ‘Our heritage, our culture‘, including languages ​​(cocoy, creole, kalinago), local proverbs and sayings, dances and musical instruments.

During month-long celebrations in October, schools will highlight aspects of patriotism, culture, governance, heritage, community life, history, local community crafts, dancing, folk songs and much more.

The Ministry of Education also encourages schools to design teaching and learning activities that reflect the areas of culture and patriotism. Every year, Dominica celebrates National Pride and Heritage Month to keep the country’s culture and history alive among young people.