The Ministry of Education visits 19 schools in St Patrick’s


Students at Egypt Village Government Primary School listen intently to Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly. Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Education.

The Department of Education is continuing its tour of schools across the country, visiting schools in St Patrick’s District on Tuesday.

A statement said Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly visited 19 schools.

“All principals, teachers and students expressed their appreciation for the team’s visit as it gave them the opportunity to share their plans, challenges and successes during what has been a difficult time in the education system,” says the press release.

He also said the team had a direct view of the school’s infrastructure and had discussed security protocols with administrators.

Gadsby-Dolly told students, “Enjoy the education you receive, pay attention in class, do your homework (and) participate in school activities.”

Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly poses with staff at Vessigny Secondary School. Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Education.

The statement says that every school and every child is important to the ministry and it does its best to support them.

“Your principals and teachers have our support to do whatever is necessary and possible for you.”

This is the sixth day of visits by the minister since the start of the school year in January.

Last schools visited:

Icacos Government Primary

Lochmaben RC

Secondary CDs

Cedros Government Primary

St Peter’s Anglican Primary (Cedros)

Granville RC Primary

Chatham Government Primary

South Central AC

Cap-de-Ville Primary Government

Government Primary Salazar Trace

Point Fortin East Secondary

Egypt Village Primary Government

RC Pointe Fortin

Convent of the Holy Name, Point Fortin

Pointe Fortin ASJA Primary

Point Fortin AC Primary

Point Fortin West Secondary

Fanny Village Government Primary

Vessigny secondary school.