The school is asking the Ministry of Education to allow it to continue as a single-session system

The board of SJKC Khai Chee is asking the Ministry of Education to allow the school to continue its one-session system and the use of its four-story annex.

The chairman of the school board, Lim Beng Hean, said the ministry, in a letter dated February 21, ordered the school in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur, to stop using the building. and return to the original space of 1.21 ha (2.99 acres).

The school’s current capacity, including its four-storey building, allows its more than 2,000 students in grades one through six and more than 100 teachers and staff to attend the school in a single session. .

The school expanded in size in 2017 after buying the land adjacent to its original site from an oil company and building a four-storey block with additional classrooms and offices for administrators and teachers.

Lim said the school board was in discussion with the Ministry of Education to resolve the issue on December 30 last year and offered to keep the new building in operation as the larger area would benefit its students. students and its staff.

“We were hoping for a favorable response from the ministry, but the school principal received the letter dated February 21 which ordered the school to stop using the new building and implement the double session system,” Lim said at a press conference.

Lim said the return would pose many challenges and make life difficult for students, parents and teachers, from lack of parking for teachers and administrators to lack of manpower to carry out proper disinfection before the second session.

“We are asking the ministry to give us at least one more year to extend the single session while we work together towards a win-win solution.”

“We also hope that MCA Chairman Datuk Seri Dr. Wee Ka Siong will step in to help us with this matter and approach our Prime Minister for a long-term solution,” he added.