The shocking achievements of the Cuban education system

Cuban school children. Photo:

By Ammi

HAVANA TIMES – Cuba presented its experiences and achievements in education at the World Education Forum, held in London on May 25, 2022. He called on participants to come together to face the changes cultural, technological and political today.

“Cuban education is reflecting on its achievements,” said Minister Ena Elsa Velazquez, during her address during the plenary session of this event. However, some of us have testimonials from students from different schools in Havana, who question these misnamed achievements.

Six-year-old Lisaira Ramirez Rodriguez from Santiago de Cuba started having seizures at school, we know from her family that the girl’s teacher was physically abusing the girl. The girl received no help, no ambulance was dispatched and she died after three hours of pain.

Katherin Rosaida, Havana, 12 years old: “My teacher is shouting swear words at me in front of the whole class, I can’t ask permission to go to the bathroom because she gets angry. She wrote a warning on my file, saying that I can’t go to the bathroom during class, that I can’t speak or even move because I’m going to be transferred to a school of behavior.

Roberto Marin, 13, Havana: “We smoke in the bathroom, the teachers know and say nothing because we hook them up with cigarettes too. The physical education teacher helps us, keeping an eye out in case the principal comes.

Ana Laura, 18, Havana: “My boyfriend is the assistant teacher of my hotel group, we have been together for three years. He left his wife for me, and we can say that we are in a serious relationship, everyone at school knows it, the students, the teachers, even the director. We have a normal relationship, almost all the teachers in my school have relationships with the students.

Antony Estevez, 14, Havana: “I was very scared when I saw one of my classmates drinking alcohol from antibacterial gel. He started convulsing in front of everyone, the teacher was in the classroom talking on the cell phone and we yelled at her, but she didn’t open the door. Luckily it was just a scare, even though they took us to the manager’s office and even treated us to little shits.

Melissa Saavedra, 18, Havana: “I’ve paid for my exams since grade 7. At first I paid the teachers with money, then they asked me for sex. I had already slept with my boyfriend, so I had nothing to lose, and that’s how I was able to go from a 70 to a 100 in all my subjects. These teachers would call me for a “review session” after noon when everyone was leaving for lunch and I would walk into the classroom and they would start touching me and then take pictures of me naked, what they said was for themselves, but I didn’t like it at all because if my parents found out, they would kill me. Also, I was terrified of them posting my pictures, but I kept doing it until I finished high school.

Cuban schools have become centers of political indoctrination, they do not facilitate education, nor develop critical thinking, nor collaborate in the development of a child in terms of respect and appropriate social conduct. All I can say is that education in Cuba is a reflection of a society that has lost all its values ​​and thrown them out the window.

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