Tourism Cares and WeTravel launch sustainable tourism education course

Tourism caresa non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable tourism practices both environmental and otherwise, has partnered with we travela leading booking and payment platform for multi-day travel companies, to launch a WeTravel Academy course called Introduction to sustainable tourism to help travel businesses become more sustainable.

Introduction to Sustainable Tourism offers ten modules and lasts one hour. Led by Tourism Cares Community Impact Director, John Sutherland, it includes topics such as offsetting carbon emissions, sourcing from sustainable suppliers and ways to promote equal opportunities for women.


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The WeTravel Academy launched in December 2021 as a free education hub for members of the travel industry to learn about a variety of topics, from inclusivity to sustainability, social media management and more . About 3,000 travel companies have used its resources since its inception, including e-books, guides, blog posts, courses, and more.

“Our goal is to unite, inspire and activate the industry towards positive change,” said Greg Takehara, CEO of Tourism Cares. “We’ve found that it’s not always about what your organization is going to do, but about what we are going to do as individuals within our organizations – we all have a responsibility.”

“Having an introductory course in sustainable tourism so widely available on the WeTravel Academy platform will empower people across businesses in our industry to become informed, engaged and push for change. We are excited about this partnership and of WeTravel’s commitment to supporting industry professionals in education,” continued Takehara.

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