UGC and Department of Education Review CUET Provisions at Testing Centers

“Being aware of the inconveniences experienced by students at some of CUET’s centers, the NTA reviewed the entire situation yesterday. Some of the centers were found not to be following established protocols. Any incidences of non-compliance/ sabotage/ignorance will be taken very seriously and strict action will be taken against these centers to ensure the smooth conduct of exams in the future,” the NTA said.

“Grievances from affected students can be directed to [email protected] Applicants should mention their application number in the subject line. NTA is committed to protecting the interests of students,” it said. -he adds.

Meanwhile, CUET-UG was postponed at a total of 50 exam centers on Friday.

According to the National Testing Agency, while 20 were carried over from the first shift, 30 were carried over from the second.

The development comes after some centers reported technical issues.

“The NTA immediately took note of the reports of technical problems in some centers. Reports were requested from the observers/municipal coordinators on the ground. Based on their recommendations, the decision to postpone was taken,” a statement said. official. “The NTA is committed to ensuring the smooth conduct of exams in the best interests of students,” he added.