Upcoming web series: Shiksha Pranali to expose scams in Indian education system

On September 15, MX Player, known for its breathtaking tales based on social themes, will launch Shiksha Pranali, a new web series. As the title suggests, the web series will be based on real events and will focus on the Indian education system. The sources claim that because the series would expose fraud and abuse in our Indian education system, it will open the eyes of the public.

The teaser for the series, which the creators have just released, has received a ton of positive feedback from viewers. The trailer was posted by MX Player on local microblogging website Koo. The article states:

Fraud in the Indian education system will soon be made public. On September 15, Shiksha Mandal will be released.

“Ministry me 20 saalo me jo nahi banayenge na, use kahi zyada paisa panch salo me banva denge..” buried questions. The harrowing clip recounts many examples of how innocent people have fallen prey to a faulty system.

Many students and parents are still unaware of the fraud, trickery, dishonesty and criminal conspiracies that are happening in the education system which will be revealed in the upcoming Shiksha Mandal web series. Gauhar Khan will play the title character in Shiksha Mandal, an MX Player original series directed by Saeed Ahmed Afzal. Actors Gulshan Devaya and Pawan Malhotra will also play significant roles.

While Gulshan Devaya plays the role of an industrious young man who owns a coaching center to support his family, Gauhar Khan plays the character of a police officer in the series, as the trailer suggests. In a negative role, Pawan Malhotra would prove to be the mastermind behind all nefarious and illegal operations.

The teaser has so far been widely praised by viewers nationwide, and we can’t wait to see what other surprises the series has in store for us.

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