Warisan veep: Ministry of Education’s allowance of RM3 for a student’s breakfast is not enough in Sabah

The meager breakfast of the pupils of the B40 primary school in Pahang. — Borneo Post photo

Monday, July 11, 2022 8:06 PM MYT

KOTA KINABALU, 11 July – The Ministry of Education (MoE) allocation is not enough for school canteen operators to provide nutritious food to students due to rising food price inflation.

According to the MoE website, every primary school pupil on the peninsula will be allocated RM2.50 per breakfast. On the other hand, every primary school student in Sarawak, Sabah and Labuan will be allocated RM3 per breakfast.

“If we look at the allocated cost per breakfast, it would not be enough for school canteen operators to provide nutritious food due to rising food price inflation,” said Tanjung Aru MP Datuk Junz Wong.

He said that 450 grams of yellow noodles could cost between RM1.40 and RM2.00; 200 grams of baby siew pak choy sum could cost between RM2.00 and RM2.60.

“If we still have to add several slices of chicken, a fried egg and a small can of milk to their breakfast, it could cost at least more than RM5 per person,” he said in a statement on Monday. .

Junz was responding to the revelation that students at B40 Primary School in Pahang only received a handful of fried yellow noodles and a small piece of vegetable for their school breakfast.

He said the government’s Supplementary Feeding (RMT) program aims to improve the health, fitness and nutritional practices of primary school students from rural and low-income groups.

However, what students at B40 Primary School in Pahang received for breakfast already defeats the real purpose of the RMT program, he said.

Junz, vice president of Warisan, said the RMT problem is not new.

“At the beginning of January, a netizen shared a photo of the food served via Facebook indicating that only rice and sauce were included in the breakfast package.

“Therefore, I have absolutely no idea what the BN, PN and GRS governments are doing all this time. Does the government really have no money to allocate more budget to the RMT program? Or did someone pocket the money originally allocated to the RMT program for another use?

“RMT was introduced with good intention in 1979 to provide daily meals to poor students in schools. But what about the implementation and delivery system of this program?

“What we see on social media has proven that there are no key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the flow of the RMT program. Therefore, the delivery of the RMT program has also become third class !

“But ironically, the rakyat are the ones who suffer the most in the end. They have paid tax revenue to the government every year, but in the end, who benefits the most? says Junz.

“I am sad to see what the pupils of the B40 primary school received for breakfast. Instead of being busy forming an electoral pact for the GE15 which will be held soon, the governments BN, PN and GRS can they divert their attention from addressing this issue which will negatively impact the nutrition and health of our children?” he added. — Borneo Post