“We will prosecute you if you accept a bribe” – Ministry of Education warns CSSPS staff

The Department of Education has warned that Computerized Schools Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) staff who receive bribes to place prospective first-year secondary students in their preferred schools will face the law when taken.

This follows several complaints from some parents that they had to pay bribes to the staff in charge of the CSSPS before their wards could be placed in different high schools.

Currently, some JHS graduates facing challenges have yet to rectify the anomalies associated with their academic placement.

Citi News’ visit to the national resolution center at GNAT Hall in Accra on Monday and Tuesday showed that most of the affected students have yet to find a school.

In an interview with the host of Citi Breakfast ShowBernard Avle, the public relations officer for the Ministry of Education, Kwasi Kwarteng, pleaded with Ghanaians to report those perpetuating the illegal act to the police for action.

“Prior to the placement, we issued a statement warning parents against such acts. We informed parents that placement is based on merit and that any issues of exploitation must be reported to the ministry [of Education].”

“The point is, why would parents want to pay to have their wards placed first when they can explore the option of self-placement?”

He admitted that such situations could indeed occur, as they do in other institutions, but said the ministry was working with security agencies to ensure those found guilty are punished.

“We will prosecute you if you accept a bribe,” he warned.

He discredited claims by the Ghana National Council of Private Schools (GNACOPS) that the WAEC grades candidates for the Basic Education Certificate (BECE) from private schools in a bid to bridge the yawning gap between their performance and those from their public school counterparts.

“The records are clear. On average, the number of students entering oversubscribed schools come from private schools. So please postpone that,” he said.